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Pure cycle

272/280 kWp ORC  designed by Tica & Pratt&Whitney

New cycle

800/1000kWp ORC designed

by Tica & Lomina


Combined systems in a size ranging from 600kWp- 12.300 kWp designed

by Lomina

Single stage Axial

Single stage Axial Turbine in a size 

of 3.000kWp designed

by Tica & Lomina

Co-generation Turbine

380 kWp - 1.950 kWp

by Lomina and GE


We are an international active company with focus on new energy and the simple vision to make all clean & green technology more affordable. Our products stand for high quality with a long life expectancy ombined with a fair and valuable price.

Our team takes care of you and your vision and will guide you step by step, from the basic planning steps through the legal, social and technological demands of the project, to the point of ongoing operation and upcoming maintenance.

We can support your vision of clean and efficient energy by giving you the full support you need to realize the project, whenever and wherever. Whether solar, thermal and wind energy power plants or even by raising productional efficiency with ORC or VCRC technology added to your present establishment. We provide our service as consultancy or even in a bigger scale as general contractor or EPC. 


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